Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Georgia on my Mind.... hell everyone on my mind

It's coming down to the wire. Down to the seconds. It's day five of my trip in Georgia with one half day more... I've seen lots of friends, had several laughs, and driven down many roads. The weather has been perfect, like it's showing me the best of Georgia with it's 65-70 degree days, blue skies, and little's even a little rainy today, which I am very pleased to get to experience as well. The smell of the rain coming and the winds blowing through the trees warning us of the flood gates about to be opened is one of my favorite things to experience.

But, the truth is, there aren't enough days to spend with the friends I already don't get to see that much; really there isn't enough time to spend with the people I DO get to see all the time either. You blink and the moment is gone. You turn your head and it's a different scene. Different people. Different situations. Different. Nothing ever stays the same. Things come and go...

The time here has been such a blessing. I am most comfortable here. Most relaxed and most at ease. A perfect send-off before such a raging adventure. But the worry about this adventure is still lingering in the back of my head. The worry of my new job, the worry of the new people and the worry of the little things-mostly and foremost the worry of the unknown. I know all of the answers to these worries will be revealed to me once I'm in Guyana.

For right now, it's just a lot on my mind. I know that sometimes I just have to let go, but up until that point, my head is swimming. It brings tears to my eyes to think about not having the people I care about most be able to go through this adventure with me. And not for me, but for them as well... I guess everyone goes through their own adventure in their own way, and I know this is mine, but the last question I have pacing through my brain is, where will this adventure take me?

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