Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't Take Stress

These words can be found in my Welcome Book or any Peace Corps Volunteer's for that matter. The words can be translated to mean several things, but the most obvious being "don't let stress get to you/don't stress out". Yeah right.

So far, I have exactly 18 days left until I say good-bye to everyone I know and love in Colorado. I have exactly 4 days until I go to Georgia to say my good-byes to friends there. I have 3 more days of work. 1 more time to go to church. I do, however, have an unlimted amount of time to feel anxious, nervous, excited, sad, melancholy, and a mirad of other emotions during a variety of experiences and situations.

I got off the phone with two fabulous people who are in Guyana about 3 hours ago. While it was hard for me to hear the two because they were on speaker phone and have accents, I understood exactly what was being conveyed. This is it. There's no turning back. Not that I'd want to, of course, but still. We spoke about what were my family and friends' were feeling towards my leaving?, had I packed yet?, what are my fears and my anticipations?, what was I most excited about and what was I most nervous about? Did talking to them get me geared up and rearing to go? Sure! And now that I'm sitting back at my desk, comfortable and knowing what lies ahead of me, I'm suddenly not ready at all.

I know I'm not the only one with this anticipation and excitement. I know I'm not the only one with piles of things to take with me, yet to be packed. I know I'm not the only one who's nervous about the culture, the heat, the bugs, the food, and whatever else comes to mind. Does it make me feel any better? Nope. What I feel at any given moment is stress. Stress about final bills, stress about packing, stress about saying good-bye, and stress about arriving to say hello.

Don't take stress.... Don't take stress.... I don't think it's as easy as lather, rinse, repeat. But all the same, I think I'll just repeat it over and over...


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3G80joPiIDg

  2. thanks a lot. now i have that song stuck in my head...it's the final countdown...ugh.

  3. ok. listen here after dinner mint. i just read the january posts, and this one again, and now i cant even control the tears. i hate that you werent at church today, and hate the fact that you wont be at church for the next um...lots of them. but even more, i hate the fact that you wont be around for lucy and brad's birthday's and watch them grow and amaze me everyday, and be around when i need that venting time. is this selfish? i'm sure it is, but now that you are in georgia, and then will only be back for a week or so, i hate it even more. hate is the word of the day. trust me, my toaster and tv are doing the pee wee herman dance. i lover you so very much, and 2 1/2 years had better go by quick, because like you said over and over the other night, what in the hell am i going to do without you?