Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Randomness

Stealing this phrase from a picture Mica found in her area, I have to tell all my friends and family just how random a day in the life of a PCV can be. Take yesterday... it would take forever to explain stories, so please just bear with me.

Morning time randomness: up at 5:30, cooking and gaffing with a Guyanese cousin; killing a cockroach; sweeping; news; visiting a Guyanese person and collecting clothes for another Guyanese person; traveling in two different cars to get to one place and then a bus to get to a second place; carrying bags like a homeless person across town; checking email; making phone calls for free; arriving at a friend's house. ALL before 11 am.

Afternoon time: making lunch for three; cleaning a kitchen; going through a PCVs clothes to see what I can take; packing up same PCV to go home; listening to music; dance party; walking to the gas station to buy a coke and chips; seeing a postman friend and his family; pretending to be real live froggers dodging the traffic; being bitten by a dog; washing feet at a pipe; looking for a dead mouse.

Evening time: (I'd say starting around 6:00) cooking dinner for three; improvising; watching America's Got Talent; hearing about a tramp in overalls that needs a haircut (Otis Redding anyone?); more packing and sorting; finding a blues DVD and attempting to watch while laughing through tears; gagging; slapping mosquitoes; watching Indian Soaps; bed.

Random days, random thoughts, random life. Love this PC experience!

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